Moat Seeks to Reshape Metrics Tracking

Analytics firm Moat is looking to completely overhaul the way buying and selling online ads works. Their plan? To “build the currency for digital advertising,” in the words of co-founder Jonah Goodhart.

In order to create this new standard currency Moat is devising a way to measure whether or not people actually see and pay attention to online ads. Traditionally (and for most companies, currently) what would be tracked is simply the number of ads delivered by media companies, without emphasis on an ad’s visibility or impact.

Moat’s goal may seem lofty for a company founded only 6 years ago, but the 125-person company has recently raised $50 million in funding, and they already have visibility tracking mechanisms in place on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, which puts them in a position to unseat Google and other metric providers.

To learn more about Moat and their bid for the top. visit Wall Street Journal.