Waste and Fraud in Programmatic Buying

It’s the age of automation. From the stock market to national security, algorithms seem to be running the world.

Accordingly, ad-buying has followed suit, and now marketers have their very own algorithms with which to buy ad space – and it’s become a very popular practice. The number of marketing agencies who utilized programmatic buying spiked last year: in 2014, 35% of surveyed advertisers reported that they had used automated buying, and in 2015 that number was 79%.

Alarmingly though, the whole process seems to be rife with fraud. A recent joint study by the Association of National Advertisers and Forrester Research found that advertisers wasted over $7 billion last year, largely due to bot fraud – computer programs mimicking human behavior and falsely boosting web traffic. Many in the industry have also voiced concerns about the lack of transparency on the part of media sellers.

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