For SMBs Content Paves the Way for Lead Gen

For small and medium businesses, lead generation is often a primary focus. More and more often, content marketing the vehicle SMBs are using to bring these leads into the fold. According to a survey done by Business.com, three-quarters of SMBs in the US include lead generation of some sort in their marketing strategy. The most popular type of content is a white paper, with 61% of respondents considering it at least somewhat valuable to them reaching their lead generation goals.

Content marketing isn’t the cure-all for these companies’ lead gen fever. Other indications that weigh in on how a successful lead generation program will be depend on purchase horizon, company size, industry, revenue, and more.

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Six Tips for Fitting Social into Your Schedule

Social is an increasingly important aspect of our professional lives, whether it’s developing your personal brand, part of your company’s marketing and communications strategy, or a vehicle for your content distribution plan. With our professional lives often packed from open to close, it can be tough to fit it all in. Here’s a quick guide from MarketingProfs that lays out some suggestions on how you can fit social into your schedule, while maintaining focus on your overall goals.

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Three Strategic SEO Best Practices EVERY Marketer Should Know

Most aspects of SEO haven’t changed much over the past few years. It’s still rooted in delivering quality, relevant content, good page descriptions, keyword research and fast load times. What has changed? Mostly the approach companies take to tackling search engine optimization. MarketingProfs.com has a quick read to three best practices upper level marketing managers need to keep in mind to deliver great organic search results. (ere’s a hint – there aren’t any tactics here).

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Case Study: How a Small e-Commerce Site Attracted 293,000 Facebook Fans

Diamond Candles, a small candle retailer, launched in 2011 and offers scented, soy-based candles with a twist: each one has a ring at the bottom. The rings, worth from $10 to $5,000, and the chance to claim a moderate prize, helped the company grow. The company relies on social media and word of mouth for their marketing. Central to their social media strategy are “ring reveal” photos. These images, captured by customers after their rings surface, are the content that drives much of the company’s social media strategy. This innovative strategy has helped the company reach a loyal following of 293,000 fans on Facebook.

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Worldwide Ad Spending Spurred on by Digital and Mobile

According to a new report by eMarketer.com, ad spending worldwide in 2013 will grow by 2.8% to over half a trillion dollars, mostly by increases in ads served to mobile devices, as well as healthy spending in the digital arena. In their report titled “Global Media Intelligence Report,” digital ad spending will reach $117 billion, a rise of 13% over 2012. Within digital, mobile ad spending is forecast to rise by almost 80% to $15.8 billion.

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Content is King – and the Budgets Prove It

Digital marketing has driven home the importance of content, as marketers strive to keep customers engaged and drive brand awareness. According to an August 2013 survey of marketers in North America from Unisphere Research, these benefits topped the list. With these aims in mind, marketers are certainly putting money behind them: 48% of respondents reported devoting at least 10% of their budget to content creation, with 19% of marketers allocating 25% or more.

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