Embedded Facebook Posts: What’s It All About?

This past week, Facebook rolled out some new functionality, the ability to embed Facebook posts into your website. Currently being tested through a select list of sites (CNN, Mashable, Bleacher Report, and a few others), eventually, the ability to embed Facebook posts – and the ability to directly interact with the embedded content without having to leave the site – will be available to all sites.  So how’s it all work, and how can it work in your marketing?

HubSpot.com has a full round up that shows how this new ability works and how you can make it work for you.

Know When to Say When: 8 Overused Marketing Tactics

It’s a challenge to grab your customers’ attention in a world awash and oversaturated in marketing messaging. You have your go-to that cut through the clutter and worked wonders with your response rates when it was fresh. However, there can be too much of a good thing.  From takeover ads to roll-overs to the #hashtag #craze, once-effective marketing tactics can rapidly become ineffective.

Thanks to DM News, here’s a quick review of eight marketing tools that we, as marketers, should use in moderation.

Yahoo’s Recycling Program Means Late Summer Spring Cleaning For Marketers

Beginning on August 15th, Yahoo will begin recycling email addresses that have been inactive for more than a year, allowing them to become available again.  Unless a late-summer cleaning is undertaken, this could present a problem for email marketers.  As email addresses become recycled and passed on to the new owner, the old owner’s email marketing preferences could carry over, causing your email to go to an unintended recipient.  The key to avoiding this problem is to have a good email hygiene program in place.  Removing emails that hard bounce is step one (and should be done anyway!).

For more tips on how to deal with this coming problem, read the full article on BtoBonline.com.

With Social Sharing, Mobile is Tops

According to research done by social media sharing platform ShareThis, users are almost twice as likely to share content through their mobile device than through their desktop. Interestingly, users are more than twice as likely to share Tweets via their mobile device, and almost four times as likely to share Pinterest Pins. Facebook is the king of mobile sharing, with more than 60% of mobile social shares coming through Facebook.

For more, read the full article at eMarketer.com.

Email Marketing: Optimizing Your Website is Crucial

Your copy is written, your design is approved, your lists are pulled and your campaign is ready to send. Missing anything? How about optimizing your website for the ways today’s customers respond? With more people relying on mobile platforms, social sharing, and other “non-traditional” methods of content consumption that are entering the mainstream, it’s important to make sure your website accounts for the user experience.

BtoBOnline.com has some tips to make sure you get the most out of your emails, newsletters, and social media campaigns.

Twitter Overtakes Facebook as Business Favorite

New research released this week shows Twitter slightly ahead of rival Facebook as businesses’ preferred medium of social communication. 93% of businesses surveyed use Twitter to communicate with their customers vs. 89% who use Facebook as part of their communications strategy. Google’s YouTube was behind both with about 50% of business surveyed producing videos.

You can read the whole article on MediaPost.com.

Getting Value from Your Data Analytics

It’s one of the most elusive elements of marketing– effectively leveraging the marketing data you and your research team are tracking.  By compiling this data, you can see past performance and evaluate what works and what doesn’t.  But in the end, all this tells you is where you’ve been.  The trick is to use this data to effectively predict customer behavior and increase your ROI.

In MarketingSherpa’s ongoing Marketing Research in Action series, Daniel Burstein and Scott Hutcheson, Senior Content Director from Paramore, discuss how to effectively use data to examine customer behavior.  You can read an abstract and view a joint presentation with Scott Hutcheson on MarketingSherpa’s blog.